Life Time Guarantee 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 19 momme - Standard/Queen/King

✿ Genuine top quality silk pillowcase which specially designed to target certain beauty concerns, like wrinkling skin and fizzy hair.
✿ Classic Envelop Closure without flange, making the process of inserting pillow much easier.
✿ 100% Silk Materials. No Synthetic fibers nor polyesters.
✿ 19momme for a feather feeling and comfortable sleep.
✿ Products are 100% handmade from raw material through finished goods.
✿ Waking up with perfect skin and hair is no longer a myth.
✿ Caring instruction comes with the product.
✿ Product comes in 3 different sizes - Queen (20in x 30in), King (20in x 36in), and Standard (20in x 26in).
✿ Please check out our store listings for more color options at

We offer life-time guarantee on our materials:

* This warranty applies only to the normal use of the Product in accordance with written use instructions, if any, provided with the Product (either in writing or through a hyperlink to such instructions). This warranty is limited and is not applicable to: (i) normal wear and tear; (ii) defects or damage caused by misuse, accident (including without limitation collision, fire and the spillage of food or liquid), neglect, abuse, alteration, act of God, unusual stress, commercial use, modification, and improper testing; (iii) use not in accordance with the documentation.