100% Silk 2-in-1 Fitted & Flat Sheet with 2 Silk Pillowcases

✿ This set comes with a 100% Silk 2-in-1 Fitted & Flat Sheet, and two (2) pillowcases.

✿ 2-in-1 Fitted and Flat Sheet makes it extremely convenient and time-saving, yet still be able to give the most luxurious and comfy sleep.

✿Silk surroundings can be either tucked under the mattress to serve as fitted sheet, or to be left untucked as a flat sheet. See Picture (4) and (5).

✿ Elastic bands are secured at the four corners of the sheet to fixate fitted sheet to your mattress.

✿ 2-in-1 Fitted & Flat Sheet have an amazing ability to wick moisture from our skin, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. Silk bedding and pillowcases can prevent overheating and allow you to have a great night's sleep.

✿ Mulberry Silk Bedding is specially designed to target certain beauty concerns, like wrinkling skin and fizzy hair.

✿ 19momme with double layers natural long stranded Mulberry Silk is the perfect thickness for bedding since it is not too thin nor thick.

✿ Products are 100% handmade from raw material through finished goods.

✿ Waking up with perfect skin and hair is no longer a myth.

✿ Caring instruction comes with the product.